Looking for an app for shared calendar



As title says, I am trying to find an app in the catalog to have a shared calendar working with other users from my yunohost server.

I currently have baikal and roundcube installed.

I tried SOGo and some other that I don’t recall, but I never managed to make the shared calendar to work.

I also gave a shot to nextcloud but it’s not for me, I prefer dedicated apps.

So I am open to suggestions, and I am interested to know how you guys are doing it.

Side note: as a workaround I found Timetree which do it well, but it’s not a yunohost app. I didn’t find a way to add like a URL shortcut on the yunohnost portal, is that possible?

Anyway thanks for our help !

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Comme le dit le titre, j’essaie de trouver une application dans le catalogue pour avoir un calendrier partagé fonctionnant avec d’autres utilisateurs de mon serveur yunohost.

J’ai actuellement baikal et roundcube installés.

J’ai essayé SOGo et quelques autres dont je ne me souviens pas, mais je n’ai jamais réussi à faire fonctionner le calendrier partagé.

J’ai aussi essayé nextcloud mais ce n’est pas pour moi, je préfère les applications dédiées.

Je suis donc ouvert aux suggestions, et je suis intéressé de savoir comment vous faites.

Remarque : comme solution de rechange, j’ai trouvé Timetree qui fait bien l’affaire, mais ce n’est pas une application yunohost. Je n’ai pas trouvé de moyen d’ajouter un raccourci URL sur le portail yunohnost, est-ce possible ?

En tout cas merci pour notre aide !

That’s what I set up for the family business. 4 concurrent users and no issue.

Im doing the same, the whole family on Baikal and its working fine (i.e one common account).

There is an app exactly for that, I think it is called Redirect.

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Redirect looks good, I might use it for something else.

I also tried again Baikal + Agendav and it looks fine. But I have a weird issue, as when I create an event, Agendav will actually create it with 1 hour offset.

I choose let’s say 2PM to 3PM , click on save, and then it show in the calendar at 3PM.
If I edit and save, without changing anything, it moves to 4PM…

Calendav timezone is set to Europe/Paris, my server is set to Paris too. I don’t know where this comes from :confused:

When I use another client like Thunderbird on the same shared calendar I don’t have this issue.

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