Local Borg backups failing


Hello !

As stated in a previous topic i am trying to do serious backups, however borg does not want to work…

Here is what i’ve done :

  • format an external ssd in ext4 and mount it on /mnt/backups
  • bind that mountpoint to /home/yunohost.backup/external/ and configure it to mount at boot
  • install borg, give it an encryption key and putting /home/yunohost.backup/external/ as the repository location
  • launch borg.service
  • fail

Previously, i altered the backup conf in /etc/yunohost/hooks.d/backup/18-data_multimedia but i am pretty sure it does not have any relation.

I tried several things : messing with permissions, erasing the directory and letting the borg install script creating it… But i’m really new to all of this backup stuff and as the borg documentation is rather scarse, i am not sure what to do or where to look. Thanks !

Here are the logs of a failed backup :


Hi Aristid,

Borg works for me; I had some trouble setting it up but I can’t recall the details or what I had to do to make it work.

At the bottom of your log it says:

2023-11-20 17:01:33,856: WARNING - There is already something at /home/yunohost.backup/external.
2023-11-20 17:01:34,129: DEBUG - [2023-11-20_17:01:33] /home/yunohost.backup/external is not a valid repository. Check repo config.

Did you try with another, not yunohost.backup, directory? Perhaps a completely new directory at /backup ?

Hi, thanks for the quick reply !

I made it work but on the internal ssd by creating /externalbackup/ directory and borg ran ok. This is not the intended way i want to do backups but it’s a lead so I copied all the files to the /mnt/backup1/ directory (usb ssd mountpoint) and created a symlink to be used as the repo…

Will see if the midnight backup ran ok !


symlink ftw !


As this kind of question is frequent, can you propose a documentation in the borg application ?

Thanks a lot :heart:

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I’ll look into it, i am obviously no expert but i can take the “basic backup for noobs” chapter.

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I remember having an issue like this on another app. the solution was just adding a “/” after the name of the directory so that is was considered as directory and not a file.
but symlink (ftw) is a nice solution as well :wink:

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