Listmonk vs Mailman3


Hi all,

I need to install a mailing list app on an existing Yunohost instance. Mailman is currently broken, which leaves me with Mailman3 and Listmonk (as far as I saw in the applications catalog). Though Mailman3 is reported to have an integration level 8 and working, some issues in its repo tend to suggest that the app is not fully stable. I might as well be completely wrong.

So I’m looking for any feedback from those of you who are using one of these apps, specifically on usability, stability, hardware requirements or installation complexity (if any on Yunohost).

Thanks in advance.

J’ai besoin d’installer une application de listes de discussion sur une instance de yunohost. Mailman est cassé. D’après ce que je vois, j’ai donc à ma disposition Mailman3 et Listmonk. Bien que Mailman3 soit reporté comme ayant une intégration de niveau 8 et étant fonctionnelle, son repo présente quelques tickets qui sembre suggérer que l’application n’est pas 100% stable. Je peux totalement me tromper.

Donc si vous utilisez l’une ou l’autre de ces applications, je suis preneur de retours sur la stabilité, l’utilisabilité, les besoins machine ou la complexité de l’installation.

Merci d’avance.

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I was using Listmonk for a while before I got spammed by bots with tons of fake registration and Listmonk had no recaptcha provided so I have to switch to phplist. I may switch back to Listmonk soon in the next release since HCaptcha was already implemented in the development branch.

I didn’t use Listmonk on Yunohost but on docker and I think it works pretty well. Listmonk does not have a plugin system like phplist so you have to request a new feature if you need something special and it takes months to release the next minor version.

I don’t have any experience with Mailman and hope it helps.