List-Unsubscribe header for all mails [Postfix]

My mails go into spam of gmail saying Why is this message in Spam? It’s similar to messages that were detected by our spam filters. (In most of other yahoo, Aol it goes in inbox. Outlook see my mail as spam too)
I have checked all the mail checks several times. And most of the blogs are pointing that email require a List-Unsubscribe header in the email.

How can I set a List-Unsubscribe default for all email from postfix?

That sounds weird… Have you tried testing your mail setup with ?

Yes I tried it. The score is 8. It states the requirement of the list-unsubscrib too.
Can you please compare your result and tell the reason for the fail in test for the red marked circles.


Is there anything else I can do to stop emails from going to spam?
Can I add List-Unsubscribe to the postfix so that all the emails have it by default?

I have added List-Unsubscribe for all emails. But still the mails lands up in spam folder :frowning:

Can someone tell a better way so that emails can land in inbox as normal mails by the email giants like Google and Hotmail? It looks a very complicated process.


I have the same problem, 10/10 with mail-tester, but emails often going to spam. If someone has an idea…


Which providers are showing your mails as spam?
Send emails to your known users and tell them to unspam your emails.

@kanhu sorry for the delay… It’s not that simple, sometimes we send a mail to quite a lot of contacts to send news (about 50 to 100 persons), so we can’t call them one after one to know who receive or not… And it seems like some of them don’t receive. And my brother stopped using the mail of my server because it was often considered as spam.

Now I have another problem : Virus qui envoie des mails en masse (spam), so maybe it’s linked…