List of ports opened by default on fresh install

Where can I find the list of default port which are opened while a fresh install. I am reviewing all the ports which are open by default and which app or service is using particular port.

You can use yunohost firewall list

Can we map ports for the app through command-line or the individual apps settings.yml need to checked for it?

It’s not an easy problem … Some ports are used by apps, yes, but some other ports are used by services. For instance 80 and 443 are used by nginx … Some ports might even be used (or at least intended to be used) by services that are not active because they have issues.

Maybe you could use netstat to list which process uses which port, but it essentially depends of what you are trying to achieve (are you trying to automate something ?)

I just can’t find out why few ports are opene, so I just wanted to check.

If you wanna know what the “basic” ports are used for, you can check :