Linux-Dash package resurrection

Hey bodies,

From sources

Linux-Dash package were started by @opi.
But, it was not maintained since two years and wasn’t working anymore.


I update it with latest sources from the original project Linux-Dash repository.

It was served by PHP, as the app propose many way to serve pages.
I choose to use Python way because:

  • Python is ever installed, no need to install Node.js or Go language;
  • I found an easy way to daemonize the Python script;
  • I had experience with proxy_pass.

I did not choose other ways because:

  • Node.js whereas it could give better performance cause of websockets use. But, I needed to install and manage a node with other apps using it and found an easy way to daemonize.
  • Go, same issue as Node.js, had to install Go-lang and manage it with other apps. Didn’t found an easy way to daemonize.
  • PHP: No experience in PHP pools and nginx conf. No need for daemonize and PHP is ever install.


This web app display beautiful graphs with CPU, RAM, memory, network use and many more.
You could see it’s performances on this demo page.

Install app

sudo yunohost app install

Have great graphs :heart_eyes_cat:


Thanks, runs smooth with a Debian 8 VPS ! :+1:

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Thanks @yolateng0.

great job, runs nice on the lime2

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