Libreerp install failed

I can’t install libreerp.
I don’t come to the install page. The little
Icon come that the system is working but
Nothing happens. No matter how long I am waiting.
Have someone a solution for that problem?

Could you give a screenshot of “The little Icon come that the system is working” ?

Are you able to connect with ssh ?
If yes, have you an error in your libreerp log ?

tail -n500 /var/log/libreerp.log | yunopaste

Could you try to restart postgresql and libreerp ?

service postgresql restart
service libreerp restart

And check status

service postgresql status
service libreerp status

I push install. And nothing happens.
I don’t come to the install page. Nothing loaded.
There is no service because I can’t install it.
When the system is working you see a little thing who ist eating and move from the left to the right.
And that does not go away. When I go back in browser the icon is away and I can use the install page.
Every other app is working.

Is it a bug in Libreerp?
Or is it a bug in my installation?


It seems, it works with cli but it doesn’t with the webadmin.

I need to search why. I think it’s because libreerp use some hidden option, that are not supported by the webadmin.

I made a test and your right the dabase is not anymore setup ! I will try to fix it.

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I think i have fix the main issue: LibreERP - A nice ERP (Odoo Community Edition fork)

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