[LibreERP] A nice ERP (Odoo Community Edition fork)


i did some testing on this and cant manage database

so there is no way to have a testing db and a live db by default, to list the DB in the config list_db = True, admin passwd is plain text it should something like admin_passwd = $pbkdf2-sha512$ ,

limit_time_cpu = xxx and limit_time_real = xxxx can be added to allow loading big files

What you are describing is not even a bug, it’s a feature request, and it would probably be more appropriate on the app’s issue tracker.

But maybe once we go past “randomly claiming the app is abandonned”, “randomly pinging Aleks to remove the app from the catalog”, “randomly talking about Odoo 17 not being supported while omitting to mention it’s 2 days old”, “randomly talking about SEPA donations”, and now “randomly asking about features” we can somewhere somewhat discuss stuff in a clean and structured way …

i did recheck and i was mistaken is the name from TurnKey Odoo version (17.1) for turnkey version not odoo version

Wow, Odoo documentation only speaks about the version 16 as the latest stable.
As we are on version 16, I guess YunoHost is a totally failed and abandoned project, maybe we should all burn our servers and turn to Microsoft Cloud :person_shrugging:

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Hi all,
I have just opened a thread about how users in YNH are treated in LibreErp. I was wondering if you guys had the same behaviour and is considered normal, or if I have done something bad…
Could at least one of you check, please ?

Edit : I figured it out. Solution is in my post.

I’m sorry, I am a bit confused, is this an actual fork of odoo (leveraging odoo open core to develop new features and replace paid ones) or is It just an installer for YH?