[LibreERP] A nice ERP (Odoo Community Edition fork)

i dont have any link with that project, i mentioned that because GNUhealth was coded for odoo first and because odoo started to “sequester” user data on version updates GNUhealth was rewritten for tryton

/sry for the offtopic

for anyone interested OCA has moved to fill the gap https://github.com/OCA/payroll :sunny:

Hi, I am interested. I’ve a computer to host Odoo Community Edition. And I wish to use OCA module, will there be any different compared to Odoo Enterprise Edition?

yes, the enterprise edition is for those who pay for those modules/feature, OCA does provide some additional module that can replace to a degree the modules/feature that are on Enterprise

Libreerp package has been updated with a small fix in the cas you have not the virtualenv package installed :slight_smile:

I noticed this app was not updated since a long time ago.
Do you plan to update it in the foreseable future?
Otherwise, as I have a personnal project that might need it, I would consider repackaging it with newer version and up to date script

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On my side i have no more customer with this app so i won’t maintain it.
As it’s an odoo fork, keep in mind that it’s not really possible to upgrade db automagically (other than simple case).

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Thanks, I will give it a look.

I saw this application was not refreshed since quite some time ago.
Do you intend to refresh it in the foreseeable future?
In any case, as I have a personal project that could require it, I would consider repackaging it with fresher variant and exceptional content

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I agree, as its a better script then most I used… and its sad to see die off slowly…

as I can’t even install it anymore… :\

@yalh76 do you have plans to revive this? Or is this abandoned?

I don’t plan to maintain it

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