[LibreERP] A nice ERP (Odoo Community Edition fork)

i dont have any link with that project, i mentioned that because GNUhealth was coded for odoo first and because odoo started to “sequester” user data on version updates GNUhealth was rewritten for tryton

/sry for the offtopic

for anyone interested OCA has moved to fill the gap https://github.com/OCA/payroll :sunny:

Hi, I am interested. I’ve a computer to host Odoo Community Edition. And I wish to use OCA module, will there be any different compared to Odoo Enterprise Edition?

yes, the enterprise edition is for those who pay for those modules/feature, OCA does provide some additional module that can replace to a degree the modules/feature that are on Enterprise

Libreerp package has been updated with a small fix in the cas you have not the virtualenv package installed :slight_smile:

I noticed this app was not updated since a long time ago.
Do you plan to update it in the foreseable future?
Otherwise, as I have a personnal project that might need it, I would consider repackaging it with newer version and up to date script

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On my side i have no more customer with this app so i won’t maintain it.
As it’s an odoo fork, keep in mind that it’s not really possible to upgrade db automagically (other than simple case).

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Thanks, I will give it a look.

I saw this application was not refreshed since quite some time ago.
Do you intend to refresh it in the foreseeable future?
In any case, as I have a personal project that could require it, I would consider repackaging it with fresher variant and exceptional content

(Edit by Aleks : removed a weird link … not sure if spam or legit person)

I agree, as its a better script then most I used… and its sad to see die off slowly…

as I can’t even install it anymore… :\

@yalh76 do you have plans to revive this? Or is this abandoned?

I don’t plan to maintain it

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En. Thank you for all your commitment and YNH.

Let me share that. LibreERP is the same software than Odoo Community (just without Odoo mark).

I imagine we can install Odoo Community as personal app :).
Any experience?

Many thanks for your feedback.

Fr. Certainement possible d’installer Odoo Communité comme application personnel.
Des expériences ?
Merci d’avance d’un partage.

Have a nice time, jrd10

how is the upgrade from one version to another going for this?

after looking at the github repo this looks like abandoned, @Aleks imo this need to be removed from the quality apps list

I have no idea why you are pinging me personally, the repository is not abandoned, and the app is still passing tests, thank you very much

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Juste to give a link : [ADD] config panel for managing custom code, config file by hbrunn · Pull Request #42 · YunoHost-Apps/libreerp_ynh · GitHub
Last activity on Aug 17 2023, that was last week.

odoo is already at version 17
just check to see how many step is behind, odoo fix and stuff are not cosmetic but important since it has allot to do with accounting / taxes simply passing test is not sufficient

example [IMP] l10n_es, l10n_es_edi_sii: add DUA taxes + some cleanout of taxes · odoo/odoo@af2b0eb · GitHub

Yes, and i happen to know some stuff about Odoo too, and I know that a lot of people still run old~ish versions in production (today i just heard about somebody migrating from version 8), and that some other people only use even-numbered versions, because running major upgrades of an ERP every year is simply not realistic.

Afaik it was released during the “Odoo Experience 2023” which was … from November 8 to 10, so like 2 days ago at best, so after your previous message 10 days ago. Even for newer deployements right now, people may still prefer Odoo 16 (or who knows, 14) because it probably has was more modules available such as from the OCA. And the yunohost app does ship with v16 available

So yeah, cut the bullshit, the app is not “abandoned”, and if it was, cf the FAQ : When will ‘this feature’ be implemented? Why isn’t ‘that app’ packaged yet? I cannot believe you do not do ‘this’ yet! and ask yourself how you can improve the app package. Shit doesn’t magically get done yet it’s a free project, both as in freedom and as in free beer.

1 well donations via SEPA got removed
2 no tax receipts for donations get issued