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Hi all, i was wondering if there was any way of organizing my books, comics, boardgames, other physical stuff into a user friendly, self hosted, library manager and i found… Pretty much nothing. I found ebooks and mangas readers, enormous professionnal ILS, document organizers and preservers, asset managers, but the closest i got (via this libreddit thread from a guy seeking the same stuff i do) was Tellico which is apparently not web based. Does such a software not exist ? Did i miss it ?

Salut, je cherche un moyen d’organiser mes bouquins, BD, jeux de plateau, trucs physiques dans une app simple, pratique, bien faite, auto hébergée bien sûr, et je n’ai rien trouvé de tel. Y’a des lecteurs d’ebooks et de manga, des usines à gaz de bibliothécaire pro, des trucs d’archiviste, des gestionnaires de trucs, mais le plus proche que j’ai trouvé (dans ce thread libreddit d’un gars qui cherche à peu près pareil) par rapport à mon besoin c’est Tellico qui apparemment n’est pas web. Ça n’existe pas ou je suis passé à côté ?

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Tellico looks interesting but I imagine it is only as good as the databases it hooks up to…

For organizing reading…
Bookwyrm - still in early stages - it’s like a GoodReads replacement, with activitiypub functionality

For organizing physical books you know… is interesting

For organizing your ebooks…
Calibre on your desktop
Calibre-web package that runs on Yunohost

But to organize everything you just said?
I would just suggest a spreadsheet.

Or think why are you wanting to organize these things? To share lists with friends? To make a physical organization system? I’m curious what is the goal in organizing these physical things digitally.

I organize my boardgames with a spreadsheet and bookshelves :smiley:

Hi ! Thanks for your suggestions, i did not know which seems nice but does not fit the self hostable part (and devs dont want to implement boardgames, too bad)

Typical use case would be like :

  • hanging out with a friend
  • checking out his comics/boargames/cooking books/whatever
  • he wanna lend some to me

We both know that without proper tracking we might forget what has been given to whom and when, so i take out my phone, scan the barcode, add it to “lent by” category, put his name and boom it’s in my library. So yeah, a spreadsheet would do the trick but painfully.

It is mainly the auto inventoring (via barcode or isbn) and tracking that interest me, and that seems to be pretty much what tellico is advertised for, but again i might just be ignorant of other solutions…

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Hi @Aristid, fun I have the exact same question these days !

I have tried settling a system using Calibre + Calibreweb. Works quite well but random stuff can happen if you have more than one simultaneous user. Moreover you need some special tricks to trigger Nextcloud updates when the db is modified from Calibreweb (see Calibre Web: home in-browser online-library with Nextcloud storage and Moon+ Reader on Android)

I have also found that interesting use of Airtable : Any Library - Library Management System - Airtable Universe
It may not be so complicated to replicate using NocoDB app (just packaged for Yunhost, it’s an open source clone of Airtable)

I’ll have a look at Bookworm and

May I know why you say so ? After a very quick review it seems to be an open source software and building up a Yunohost package shouldn’t be so hard ?

Calibre seemed a bit clunky and not really suitable for physical books inventoring…
Airtable on the other hand might be interesting ! Misses the cool barcode scanning stuff though.

That’s one of my many limitations : i can’t code shit :smile:
Besides that, it’s bound to be strictly book oriented which is cool but does not suit my need…

At first i was asking about such a software to see if it existed and if it had already been packaged.
If it actually exists and is not packaged i might try to get into it !

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