Letsencrypt certificate not working for subdomains


as the title states when installing letsencrypt certificate for domains it doesnt work. It does work for main domain (domain.ltd) but when installing on a subdomain (sub.domain.ltd) it doesnt work ?

When checking the cert in the browser it says issued by yunohost instead of letsencrypt.

Try reverting the certificate for the subdomains to the selfsigned ones, delete the selfsigned then install let’s encrypt certs. Force refresh the browser

Hi SantaBroo,

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I have the same problem for one of my subdomains. I intended to perform the actions that Jarod suggested, but found that the option to revert to a self-signed certificate is not available anymore.

The action to renew ends with a 404, challenge not found error.

Using the CLI command yunohost domain cert install --force sub.domain.tld, I hoped it would reconfigure enough of nginx to make the file available, not so.

In my case, this is a domain with just a single app (the app needs its own domain), even though it is not mentioned as "default app’.

I uploaded the log of the install --force action, which is quite similar to the renew action.

Which error do you get?

edit - PS: I just realize that in your case, it not may be renewing but initial switch from self-signed to Letsencrypt. Could you try the CLI-command, and post the log after running the yunohost log share .... as mentioned at the end of the output?

Please take time to fill out the “My Yunohost” section provided in the support template. It not only helps people to help you, it also helps later visitors to gauge whether the problem and solution match their case!

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