Let's encrypt cert not being recognized by DavX5

I’m not sure if this is a Yunohost SSL cert thing, or a DavX5 thing, but I searched for similar issues here and didn’t quite find anything that matched. Basically, I have Nextcloud setup with a Let’s Encrypt cert. I don’t get any errors on visiting the site through a web browser, or when using the Nextcloud app.

DavX5 though keeps asking me to inspect the unknown certificate. Given that it’s issued by a known certificate authority, I’m wondering if there’s something set up wrong? (Especially since the domain is listed as [2]MyDomainName instead of just MyDomainName).

Is there anything I can do to test the certificate validity, or should I just be accepting the cert?


  repo: stable
  version: 11.2.4
  repo: stable
  version: 11.2.2
  repo: stable
  version: 11.2
  repo: stable
  version: 11.2

I have Yunohost running on a VPS with ssh access (Yunohost API is turned off).

sudo yunohost domain cert-status MYDOMAIN.TLD gives:

    CA_type: letsencrypt
    style: success
    summary: letsencrypt
    validity: 75

Hello @Zinkie ,
quick question to find the best to solve your issue, yunohost diagnostic return no error ?

Edit: with a mobile device, your phone can be connected with an ipv6 adress, maybe your DNS isn’t correctly setup with this connection ?

Sorry, I did check diagnostics but forgot to add it here. Anyway, no, there are no related issues showing in diagnostics. The only issues are things like showing the metronome and yunohost-api services not running (which I turned off on purpose).

You may be onto something with the IPV6 thing though. I remember when I was troubleshooting Matrix/Synapse that it was saying that everything but IPV6 was working, which didn’t bother me as I only (knowingly) connect via IPv4.

TBH while I have plenty of experience setting up websites and services with IPv4, I’ve never gone down the IPv6 rabbit hole. How would I go about testing this theory? I don’t need a detailed step by step, just an idea of what to search for online.

OK, I found that this is actually a #Davx5 issue, fixed in version 4.3.7:

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