Let´s Encrypt Certificate not auto renewing


my yunohost server does not auto renew my certificates.
If I do it manually everything works fine.
Anyone had the same issue and is able to help me?

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Yes, i’ve got the same in the past after a restore.
Have you got the cron job? You can see it with this command.

grep yunohost-cert <(ls /etc/cron.daily)

The return must be yunohost-certificate-renew,

Return of the command is indeed: yunohost-certificate-renew
But I have several domains where the certificate is not valid.
It shows that is overdue 8 days.
Any other log where I can check what went wrong?

If it’s OK when you do the command manually, i guess the problem must be in the cron job (perhaps i’m wrong).
Could you check the content of the cron job? And see if the script is executable.
Do you receive a mail of the failed cron job? IF yes, what it say.
You can check /var/syslog and redirect the command line to a file (and check it) by changing the line by:

yunohost domain cert renew > /var/log/failed_certificate.log 2>&1

Do you check also the diagnosis of yunohost?

Check emails. If any cron job fails, yunohost sends an email to the administrator of the server.

I do not have mail configured. So I didn´t get an email.
I do not have the logs mentioned above. Nothing in it.
If I run “yunohost domain cert-renew” everythiing went fine and all missing certificates were renewed for 90 days. But this did not happen automatically.
Here are the rights of the cron job:
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 47 Nov 12 11:30 yunohost-certificate-renew

Sorry, it’s /var/log/syslog.
The rights are OK.
Modify yunohost-certificate-renew with

The cron job is running every day, the /var/log/failed_certificate.log file must be create the next time the cron job run and could help you.

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