Le service supervisor est dead :-(

Just did a Stretch->Buster migration.
Mostly everything seems to work fine (even with my PHP tweaks… I’m impressed !)

There is one weird issue : Diagnostics says :

 Le service supervisor est dead :-( 


$ systemctl status supervisor
● supervisor.service
   Loaded: masked (Reason: Unit supervisor.service is masked.)
   Active: inactive (dead)
$ sudo systemctl start supervisor
Failed to start supervisor.service: Unit supervisor.service is masked.

Any ideas ?

Well, I tried to upgrade Ihatemoney and Kresus, buth upgrades fail with

./upgrade: ligne 138: supervisorctl : commande introuvable

I don’t know why, I’m guessing this is related…

Hmokay, eventuellement faire un

apt install supervisor


apt install supervisorctl

? (pas sur du nom du paquet…)

apt install supervisor

a resulu le pb chez moi.

Okay, as the service was visibly existing I didn’t expect the package to be uninstalled. As to “why” it has been uninstalled during upgrade, I think that will stay a mystery.

I have supervisor already installed:
supervisor est déjà la version la plus récente (3.3.5-1).
But the service is not existing:
Unit supervisord.service could not be found.

How can I re-create the service?

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