LDAP binding requires admin password

I’m currently working on the new version of calibreweb which now includes directly python project flask-simpleldap instead of the nasty tricks I did in the previous version which did not support ldap at all.
I don’t know why (I’m quite new to ldap) but to bind to the LDAP server, this module requires that admin LDAP user and password are provided at the initialization. So I read moulinette documentation and try to understand how to do that but I didn’t find the information.

On my test server I have set the admin user as cn=admin,dc=yunohost,dc=org and provided my local admin password manually : binding is working, I can then authenticate against the LDAP server with test users \o/.
However, I’m unclear on how to provide this password to the application in the install script as I cannot (obviously) get it from slapcat or any other shell command and I don’t think it would be a good idea to ask it to the user (and it does not make sense to me).

Any help or guidance would be much appreciated!
Thanks a lot!

Nevermind, I find the solution : I have to send empty value to flask_simpleldap and it use simple authentication, without using service username nor password.