Ldap_add: Insufficient access (50) when try to activate memberOf in Yunohost LDAP

Hello there.
I try to activate “member-of-overlay” (memberOf).
I have try this and that in command line (with user admin and user root) and via phpldapadmin

ldapadd -Y EXTERNAL -H ldapi:/// -f memberOfOverlayInstall.ldif

“ldap_add: Insufficient access (50)” and with

ldapadd -D cn=admin,cn=config -w "password" -H ldapi:/// -f memberof_add.ldif

i have “ldap_bind: Invalid credentials (49)” (i have try md5 hashed passord and not hashed, same error)

root@myServer:/# ldapadd
SASL/DIGEST-MD5 authentication started
Please enter your password: 
ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: Invalid credentials (49)
	additional info: SASL(-13): user not found: no secret in database

Please Help :slight_smile:

Please if anybody know how to active MemberOf, it’s can really help me.

N’y a-t-il vraiment personne qui utilise Yunohost avec plusieurs machines?