Latest app version (TT-RSS) isn't fetched

Hello, bonjour!

I am running Yunohost on a VPS. Everything works perfectly (DNS is configured etc.) and I’ve been using Yunohost for a while and am happy about it. Currently only have TT-RSS installed.

However, when I try to update my app to the latest version (which I know is different from the one installed), I fail to fetch the newest versions.

However, when I try to update, it says that everything is up to date.

root@karelmans:~$ sudo yunohost tools upgrade apps
Info: All apps are already up-to-date

How can I resolve this?

Thanks in advance and big up for this great product!

20200916~ynh5 → master branch
20220210~ynh1 → testing branch

If you want to try the testing branch :

sudo yunohost app upgrade ttrss -u --debug

Aha, thanks a lot! I see that the information on GitHub has been edited. Hence my confusion. Cheers!

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