Kudos! And the future?

Bonjour! I just wanted to stop by and say merci beaucoup to the developers who make YunoHost. I depend on it everyday to serve my email, handle my cloud files, and sync my calendar and contacts.

Keep up the spectacular work! I’d like to know what the future holds for the YunoHost project. Are there plans to monetize it somehow and grow it as a business, ownCloud-style? How many core developers keep the project alive? What kind of support is needed?

Thank you!
The project is held by a few developers, in a truly non-profit way, and therefore in a “randomly active” fashion.

In fact, regarding the multiplicity of the YunoHost’s aspects – moulinette, configurations, apps, hardware support, documentation, community support – there is actually a lot of contributions and interested persons willing to participate.

The app list is continuously growing: https://yunohost.org/apps_in_progress
The forum is active, the support chatroom as well.
We are supporting a lot of hardware and as the ARM board market grows, YunoHost continues to support more and more platforms.

I guess this works just because the need is here. We need simple solutions to host ourselves, and YunoHost is one of them. And I am not seeing myself getting into some kind of business with it, because we don’t need all of the self-hosting project to become comercial at some point.

The good thing is that, right now, we are launching the Internet Cube / La Brique Internet in France and Belgium, which brings a true plug&play self-hosting solution to life for the first time. And since it is based on YunoHost, we believe that it will diversify the user base. For now we have a lot of very good feedbacks on it, so we will keep up this way :slight_smile:

And I guess this is only what YunoHost needs. Testers, users and developers that help each other for the sake of a decentralized and privacy-friendly Internet.

@andrew : Je plussoie (what’s that)!
@kload : Thanks for the job and those informations!