Known good admin password does not work on /yunohost/admin

Hi Yunohosterz!

My relatively fresh installed Yunohost (installed apps) works fine, except my Web admin GUI, which refuse my password.

  repo: stable
  repo: stable
  version: 3.6.4
  repo: stable
  repo: stable
  version: 3.6.4)

on a Debian Stretch (GNU/Linux 4.9.0-11-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.9.189-3+deb9u1 (2019-09-20) x86_64) VPS

I can log into Yunohost web interface as a normal user and use installed apps.
I can log in to the server via SSH and use yunohost commands, including “yunohost tools adminpw” with a reported success and even confirmed by logging in to installed PhpLDAPadmin with the known good admin password, but web admin GUI (at https://myyunohosthost/yunohost/admin/#/login) specifically refuses the same password as “Wrong password”.

Any pointers to the solution would be much appreciated!

It could be a bug with the webadmin and an unsupported character…

Could you check if with different password you have the same issue ? And try to isolate some character that trigger the error ?

Hi ljf,
thanks for that, but unfortunately either it is not the root cause or possibly webadmin is entirely broken, because none of the pw versions tried worked :frowning:
Even my original pw was one without “problematic” chars, but then I tried a few others and, based on your instructions, one with ASCII chars plus numbers (not including zero) and one with only ASCIIs (omitting z and y to rule out qwert* keyboard problems), but unfortunately none worked.
(I cross-checked all of them in PhpLDAPadmin and I could log into PhpLDAPadmin as admin user and even tested with it’s “Check password …” utility - all success).

Just to add: the problem arose after the failed (as I remember) install of one of the addon softwares (but unfortunately I can’t recall wich one).

You can found the software you have triued to install by running :

yunohost log list

Something about “Install fail”

And you can found the end of the log by doing:

yunohost log display NAME_OF_LOG

Thanks, that’s very handy indeed!
I found four failed installs:

root@devnyul:~# yunohost log list | grep failed
    description: Remove 'portainer' after a failed installation
    name: 20190908-201057-remove_on_failed_install-portainer
    path: /var/log/yunohost/categories/operation/20190908-201057-remove_on_failed_install-portainer.yml
    description: Remove 'pgadmin' after a failed installation
    name: 20190908-202804-remove_on_failed_install-pgadmin
    path: /var/log/yunohost/categories/operation/20190908-202804-remove_on_failed_install-pgadmin.yml
    description: Remove 'peertube' after a failed installation
    name: 20190908-203054-remove_on_failed_install-peertube
    path: /var/log/yunohost/categories/operation/20190908-203054-remove_on_failed_install-peertube.yml

Still a bit lost with my un-trained eyes though :frowning:
Could you please help in what to look for in that logs?
Or possibly can I upload it somewhere zipped and you could help decode it?
Your help is much appreciated!

Could you check yunohost-api service is up ?

Yes, API service looks fine based on status check:

root@devnyul:~# yunohost service status yunohost-api
active: active
active_at: 2019-10-02 21:02:57
description: manages interactions between the YunoHost web interface and the system
loaded: enabled
service_file_path: /lib/systemd/system/yunohost-api.service
status: running

What’s up with (other) services, that are enabled, loaded, but “exited”?

For postfix and some others it’s ok

Uploaded zipped logs of failed install/uninstall pairs, just in case someone could review them and point some direction for debugging or possibly give a solution.

Personnaly i don’t understand why you have this behaviour.

Try to restart yunohost-api:

service yunohost-api restart

If it doesn’t work try:

apt remove --purge yunohost-admin
apt install yunohost-admin

Please: before to confirm this command, check it doesn’t deinstall yunohost package…

Ohhh My! that API service restart ( ```
service yunohost-api restart

Could you please shed some light on what could have happened to that yunohost instance and how this API service thingie works (or does not work :wink: )
Just curious, because no "simple" server-restart ever helped.

Anyways, thanks alot, your help is much appreciated!

yunohost-api is an HTTP API. It allows to run every command you run with the yunohost cli. The Web admin uses the YunoHost API to do all the actions it offers.

The web admin authenticated you on yunohost-api with the admin password, i don’t know why it 'doesn’t work in you case.

Have you tried with a fresh browser ? May be you block something specific (all cookies or http referer, socket api, … i don’t know).

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