KIWIX: how to add wikipedia zim file?

I have installed kiwix and it seems to work, even though it is empty.

I’ve looked at yunohost’s documentation… and the page doesn’t exist.
And on github the README doesn’t say how to add the .zim files.

someone give me a hint?

I had the same problem and found a solution in the Kiwix wiki. There is a console tool kiwix-manage which can be used to add ZIM files to the library.

This is what worked for me:

  • Download one or more ZIM files, e.g. from here
  • Put the ZIM files into /home/
  • Add them to the library with the following command:
/var/www/kiwix/kiwix-manage /home/ add /home/*.zim
  • Restart the service:
yunohost service restart kiwix
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Thanks! I have added this how to in Kiwix README page


TNX!! it’s works!

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