[KeeWeb] Password manager

I was pleased to notice that the newest version of Keeweb allows to sync the password file with webdav (thus Owncloud)

I have updated the package for YNH 2.4 and this version of keeweb: GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/keeweb_ynh: Keeweb package for YunoHost

Now you can use a KeePass desktop client (such as KeePass 2), sync the password file with OwnCloud. And when you’re on the go, you can still check your passwords quickly using Keeweb

Enjoy and let me know on GitHub if you encounter any bugs…


works fine here thank you :slight_smile:
as I can’t create a new issue on your github project, can you please tell me how handle the key-file ?

I need the key-file plus the password to log in, but this key-file is also on my owncloud, is there a way to keep the key-file in KeeWeb ?
or may I change my keepass file not to need it ?

Sorry for the issues, I have just activated them now.

You can use the keepass file stored on your Owncloud. For this, you new to open a new “webdav” file, and enter this link:
For instance, my keepass file is in the folder Backup/Keepass, so I use https://LINK-TO-YOUR-OWNCLOUD/remote.php/webdav/Backup/Keepass
Then your YNH username and password

Keeweb will then ask for your keepass master password and that’s it :slight_smile:

Great app, thank you!
I was wondering if it is possible to make the KeeWeb web interface remember the link of the Owncloud-stored keepass file (so that you don’t have to enter the link https://LINK-TO-YOUR-OWNCLOUD/remote.php/webdav/PATH-TO-YOUR-FILE each time).

Hi thanks
I think it is. I think I found a way in the source code but it was a long time ago. I will have to look at it again and have another look.
It was in index.html

Edit: the problem with remembering server side is that each user may have different files so there needs to be an admin page… Or some way to backup local storage on the server

Hello. May I ask for testers? :slight_smile: or are there people using this app? I would like to enhance it further or make it official.

Also if you have a private instance of keeweb, the nextcloud username and passwords are not needed to access a WebDAV pass file. Only the pass is required


Hello scith

can you try to remove dependency to nextcloud for webdav support?
With a built-in webdav directory into nginx, see here http://nginx.org/en/docs/http/ngx_http_dav_module.html

I doesn’t tried that, it’s just an idea.

And for make keeweb an official app, Rédaction de règles pour passer une app en officielle :wink:

Hi, I will have a look but it needs to be multi-user then.

Also here is the PR: https://github.com/YunoHost/apps/pull/91

Yes… multi-user with webdav seems to be more complicated… I did not think about that

I’ve installed keeweb, I’m trying to set it up with webdav, but I don’t manage to : “Error : network error”. I tried with :


Any idea ?

Yep, same problem here. Keeweb is a public app, nextcloud is installed, and I cannot get Keeweb to work with Nextcloud’s webdav server, even if I set the db as a “file” in the config.json.


Hi, is owncloud on the same domain? I don’t know if it changes something though.

If keeweb is private, you shouldn’t have yo enter username and password. Otherwise you have to.

Alsodo you use a self signed SSL certificate? Again I don’t know how keeweb behaves with them

I did some extensive testing with several domains and certificates, the only thing that seems to matter is that both Nexctloud and Keeweb have to be installed on the same domain. I thought this was a Yunohost/SSOwat limitation, but I ran into a problem on another project, and the cause might be the CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) header. Basically I think that adding this header through the nginx conf of the apps will solve the issue but now that the apps are installed in production I can’t do any more testing.

Ok, in my case owncloud and keeweb are actually on 2 different domains…

I ended up installing the Keeweb application from Nextcloud app market. It works great, when you open a .kdbx file Keeweb is launched. The only downside is that you have to be logged in to Nexctcloud to access the database, the Keeweb app is not available publicly.

Should the CORS for nginx be enabled on the nextcloud app or on the keeweb app you think?

Definitely the Nexctloud config.


J’ai sauvegarder le fichier en local, mais impossible de le trouvé sur le serveur, pouvez vous me dire ou ce trouve le dossier Backups ? Merci

Salut, les fichiers ne sont pas sauvegardés coté serveur, sauf si tu les enregistres dans owcloud/nextcloud/dropbox ou autre service que keeweb te propose de lier

A OK car il me proposait une sauvegarde local. Par contre faudrait regarder car j’ai vu un truc qui m’a pas trop plus. Il y avait une clé Dropbox déjà enregistré et ça a fait un backup dessus heureusement il n’y avait rien. Je n’ai pas de compte Dropbox.