[Just to check] Separate email account with a different domain name


Hi, just to check

My YUNOHOST works perfectly including the email accounts with its domain name ( https://bacasable.eu.
By the way, thank you again for your help :blush: )

I would like to add a new user, with a separate RoundCube and second domain name (https://tricassinux.org/).
I presume it is possible.


  1. I declared this new domain name and noted the DNS recommendations
  2. I created a new user and indicated the second domain name (I declared my email address as a forward address),
  3. Installed a new RoundCube instance for this new user, I declared the second domain name,
  4. I gave the access rights to the user + the YNH administrator
  5. I modify the DNS of this second domain name according to point 1. above,
  6. I compared my first domain DNS for the mail part to my second domain DNS, seems correct!

and… I click on RoundCube_Contact with the right user, I got this message:

This site can’t be reached!

url: https://tricassinux.org/webmail2

When I send messages, no error message but the messages are not forwarded to my address :frowning:
(Hi @Aleks, this time I check in SPAM box :slight_smile: )

I am a little bit surprised as the propagation has had all night for its job.

Thank you to confirm this configuration is possible.

José from France with a very hot day :).

I promise you, tomorrow I start knitting!

Computing is not for me!

I sent this message!
Before leaving the dest, I say… last try!

And… everything works perfectly !!!

It’s ok. I am in my email interface, I can receive and send emails!
I spent almost my yesterday on this!

DNS propagation ???

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Best regards, José

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