[Jitsi] Visioconference


I am very interested to install Jitsi Server as a Zoom alternative.
I think the combination with YunoHost is a dreamteam.

It was also 2nd place in 2019 voting as the most desired communication app.
However the github repository does not seem to work at all.
Why don’t we push this higher? It also has more relevancy then ever with Covid.


From what I remember, yalh desperately tried to make it work but it’s a super complex ecosystem (c.f. XMPP etc.) and it’s just a nightmare to get everything right …

As an alternative, you may consider Nextcloud Talk (though if i remember correctly it’s limiter to 4 people) ? (Or mumble, but that’s more designed for audio-only)

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I was looking into self-hosting Jitsi on Yunohost as well, but right now it’s limited to 2 people.

I want to host Jitsi on another server behind same router as Yunohost but it seems that will be a major problem with port forwarding as Jitsi needs some of the same ports as Yunohost

80 TCP - for SSL certificate verification / renewal with Let's Encrypt
443 TCP - for general access to Jitsi Meet
4443 TCP - for fallback network video/audio communications (when UDP is blocked for example)
10000 UDP - for general network video/audio communications
22 TCP - if you access you server using SSH (change the port accordingly if it's not 22)

if it’s only for chatting, Mumble is the way to go, it’s light, easy to install and configure.

Nextcloud talk is not working very well. It’s not strictly limited to 4 people I suppose, but since it requires a p2p connection between every participant, if you are 4 for example, it means you will stream 3 video connections to 3 other people so they can view you, and you’ll stream 3 other video connections so you can view them. I think there is a nextcloud talk “enterprise” which uses only 1 connection instead.

We couldn’t use jitsi working the correct way either. BigBlueButton is another solution, it’s working well, but requires a fully dedicated server.

Their Enterprise Talk server has been open sourced and there is an automated installation here https://www.techandme.se/its-your-turn-to-try-nextcloud-talk/ and see the related discussion https://help.nextcloud.com/t/nextcloud-talk-signaling-server-now-automated-installation/90567 I installed it on a vps and works well, but would not work on Yunohost as it is based on Apache.

For Bigbluebutton you do not need a dedicated server, a vps with 4GB RAM and 2 chores worked in my case but I doubt it would work together with Yunohost.

But what about some Sip-based solution with Asterix or Kamailio? This might be oldfashioned but easier to implement? There are some providers as sip2sip and onsip or as app Linphone who offer video based on the sip protocol. Some kind of web phone would be cool

UPDATE: I installed Jitsi on Digital Ocean VPS. It works fine. Then I tried to install Jibri to get video recording to work…that did not work.

It was so complicated to add Jibri. I can’t imagine it would be easy to get working in Yunohost with it’s more intricate setup.

Thank you for your answers and suggestions.

I know that Jitsi is very easy to install when you have a seperate server but understand that it might be difficult to integrate with YunoHost.

However, maybe if many of the additional features are turned off and Jitsi is just used as a multi person video chat it could be feasible.

For example XMPP might not be necessary to implement.
Jibri is exciting but as I understand should run on a seperate machine (https://github.com/jitsi/jibri)

What is so cool about Jitsi is that it scales well for many participants and it is very easy to join a conference. Especially on PC. No accounts or software required other than a browser.

I solved it with a seperate server using docker and it worked well.