Jitsi Meet & XMPP

I understand that installing Jitsi Meet will stop & disable Metronome. Will the Prosody instance that is installed as part of Jitsi Meet be usable by my XMPP clients in the same way that Metronome currently is? If not, are there some extra configurations steps I could take to make it so? Or does installing Jitsi Meet mean forfeiting the ability to use XMPP in the conventional manner?

Edit: I also see that Prosody is available as a separate app which, presumably, could be a drop in replacement for Metronome. If this is the case, would Jitsi Meet preserve the configuration of a preexisting Prosody instance?

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maybe you could install jitsi through docker?

then it ‘shouldn’t’ interfere with XMPP.

Yes, I already have it running in a docker container on another machine and accessed via reverse proxy. The problem is that it shuts down video whenever I’m on mobile data (despite having a fast connection.) I thought that a native install on the Yunohost machine might remove whatever bottleneck is causing this.

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I removed the Docker container and did a native install on that machine. All now working as expected.

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I tried to deinstall metronome

sudo apt purge metronome
sudo apt autoremove

Now Jisti is able to install Prosody