Jitsi and Nextcloud Connection Refused


On my yunohost server, I have nextcloud running wonderfully. The nextcloud url is nextcloud.domain.com

I cannot get Nextcloud talk to reliably work, so I installed the yunohost jitsi app at jitsi.domain.com. I am able to successfully reach jitsi.domain.com from a web browser.

In nextcloud, I installed the jitsi integration app and configured the settings as follows:

Server url: jitsi.domain.com
all other configuration options were left blank.

Within nextcloud jitsi integration app, I am able to create a jitsi conference room. The url is similar to nextcloud.domain.com/apps/jitsi/rooms/6ad42ead-4079-4aaa-b988-11a4a5c5dfe2/test222

However, when I go to nextcloud.domain.com/apps/jitsi/rooms/6ad42ead-4079-4aaa-b988-11a4a5c5dfe2/test222 and try to select “Click To Join”, I get a blank webpage with an error message that says jitsi.domain.com refused to connect.

Can anyone help me? Thank you

Thank you for the description of the issue. Please add the YunoHost, Nextcloud, and Jitsi versions.

When triggering the not-so-blank page error, can you check the browser console to see if there is any warning or error? Can you share NGINX logs for both nextcloud.domain.com and jitsi.domain.com?

I don’t know if this post would be useful in some way.

What I’ve noticed is that the YH Jitsi configuration is missing some elements of the standard Jitsi configuration.

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