[Jirafeau] : Installation and upload password

Hello all,

This post not to get help but to show an installation problem (sorry for my english :slight_smile:)

I have no github account and do not want to create one and so I can not open a bug.

I installed Jirafeau (yunohost on debian stretch) and the password for upload I put during the installation is not working.

I look at the file /var/www/jirafeau/lib/config.local.php and saw that the value of the directive $cfg['upload_password'] is my password but with the string __YNH_UPLOAD_PASSWORD__ in it.

In my case It’s : "$cfg['upload_password'] = array('.UD#Vc#__YNH_UPLOAD_PASSWORD__V482f+D<TyJa3');

I do not how is woking the yunohost installation flow and so I do not know where to fix that problem but if you installed Jirafeau and the password is not working now you why :slight_smile:

Have a nice day.



Hello bidroik,

first if English isn’t easy for you, you can use French here.

About your issue, without willing to reveal your password, isn’t there a ‘&’ missing in the middle of your password into jirafeau config? Right where __YNH_UPLOAD_PASSWORD__ is?


Thanks for your answer.

Yes you are right, there is a ‘&’.

It is a random password. I did not look for characters issue on the forum and github issues. Did I miss something ? (and sorry for spending your time :-))

I will try a new installation with a password without ‘&’.


Using such password is often source of errors.
Still, Jirafeau package wasn’t handling password correctly to avoid such issues. An PR is ongoing to fix that.

Thanks for your answer.

I’am agree with you but password should contains any characters for a better complexity.

I will be soon on holidays and try to look at yunohost package process and try to help you on that.

Many thanks to you and yunohost team for this beautifull project.