Jirafeau configuration particulière (particular config): comment faire (how to ?)


Yunohost + Rasberry (Jelly)
Si l’on souhaite réaliser des réglages particuliers (poids maximal des fichiers téléchargeables, etc …) d’un Jirafeau sous Yunohost et Raspberry, cela se passe-t-il dans le fichiers config.local de Jirafeau (voir: https://gitlab.com/mojo42/Jirafeau) ? Si oui, où se trouve ce fichier sur la Raspberry (chemin)? Y-a-t-il un moyen pour configurer sans passer par le fichier config.local ?

When particular configuration rules are wished with Jirafeau under Yunohost on a Raspberry, does it mean the config.local fiel should be edited and changed (as explained at https://gitlab.com/mojo42/Jirafeau) ? If so, where is this file on the Raspberry (path) ? Is there a way to modifiy the configuration without editing the config.local file ?

the page of jireafeau apps says:

If you don’t want to allow unlimited upload size, you can still setup a maximal file size in Jirafeau’s setting (see maximal_upload_size in your configuration)

The page of jireafeau apps says also: that configuration access could be done accross webrowser adding lib/config.local.php at the end of the address of jirafeau (ie: https:// … nameofsite/yunohos/jirafeau/lib/config.local.php).

However, when doing this goes to a “not allowed access” page.
Then it make impossible to modify or customize configuration, and it seems impossible to change the limit of “size of upload access”.

How could it be done ?

Hi !

You can connect to Yunohost in SSH and then edit the config file.
root@machine:/var/www/jirafeau/lib# nano config.local.php

Here you can access most of Jirafeau parameters as maximal_upload_size or availabilities.

There is even an option enable_crypt I was looking for a while, I tried to activate it but it doesn’t seem to change something.
According to https://gitlab.com/mojo42/Jirafeau the encryption needs php5-mcrypt which is already installed in Yunohost.