Jellyseer and Jellyfin connection

Did you manage to manually setup what you wanted ?
Let us know, perhaps it could help others !

@Aristid I figured this out. Both Jellyfin and Jellyseerr have to be accessible to visitors (that is, available without SSO). If they aren’t, they will not be able to communicate with one another.

This will not affect the security of your Yunohost machines since both apps require sign-in with a password anyway.

Great, thanks for your feedback!
For that, can you tell me how to authorize access as a visitor to jellyfin. Is it via the Yunohost interface or jellyfin directly?

@badflyone You authorize access via Jellyfin. Access control is automatic. As long as Jellyfin and Jellyseerr are connected and communicating, Jellyseerr will create new users as soon as Jellyfin users log into Jellyfin.

If this doesn’t happen, there is a manual sync option in Jellyseerr’s settings (under “Users”).

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