[Jellyfin] Easily add plugin on jellyfin (Jellyscrub, Skip Intro)


Hi everyone ! So i wonder if you can put some docs or do something around the installation of custom plugins on Jellyfin.

Lastly, two plugins are pretty well knowed : Jellyscrub and Skip Intro : both need to “patch” the web server. Skip Intro ask to remplace files, and it seem to work great. For Jellyscrub, it ask for a line in index.html, but i don’t succeed to make it work.

So i wonder if for this kind of thing i have to know something around yunohost proxy for example, how we should proceed in this kind of case ?

I put the two projects here : GitHub - nicknsy/jellyscrub: Smooth mouse-over video scrubbing previews for Jellyfin.
GitHub - ConfusedPolarBear/intro-skipper: Fingerprint audio to automatically detect and skip intro sequences in Jellyfin

Thansk to all.


Manual installation of the plugin s repositories could be made manually once.

Then, to keep their patches persistent between upgrades, you could investigate adding their manual commands into a hook.

Some references :

For Jellyscrub, if you cannot make it work by yourself before that, I am not sure we could help you.