Jellyfin dead and won't restore

Hello all,

I noticed that few weeks back Jellyfin service was dead and would not restart. There were no logs, just that systemd service was not found if I remember correctly. When trying to access it through the browser I got a 502/nginx error.

So I uninstalled it and tried to restore it though the latest backup I had, but without success.

Below the log from the restoration process.

Any help?

Appear systemd unit file was deleted before backup creation. Try creating the missing file with the following command

sudo nano /lib/systemd/system/jellyfin.service

And add the following content

Description = Jellyfin Media Server
After =

Type = simple
EnvironmentFile = /etc/default/jellyfin
User = jellyfin
Restart = on-failure
TimeoutSec = 15

WantedBy =

Then try restoring backup again

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately it did not do the trick…

You can try the following command

sudo ls /lib/systemd/system

if you get a directory list you can reinstall Jellyfin from an earlier backup or from scratch. If you get a “not such file or directory” error then you need reinstall your yunohost server due something broke systemd and your server will stop working when you reboot it

There is a directory there. I tried to nano the text you mentioned but ended up to be somehow deleted (?), was not there.
In any case, I installed it from scratch and it works now.

Thank you for your help.

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