[Jappix Mini] A small xmpp chat to integrate in a website

Hi folks,

I have package Jappix Mini based over Webapp multi ynh app from Maxime.

You could try it, by installing it from my Gogs repository:

sudo yunohost app install https://moul.re/repo/YunoHost/jappix_mini_ynh

Your feedbacks are welcome. The package is working, but is not finish in my point of view, I let you read the TODO § on the README file. If you could help me solving this TODO :smile_cat:


I don’t understand how to use it after installation ?
Could you give some help ?

People could talk to you directly or join a chat room. For instance, I use it on my personal page for people who don’t have an XMPP account to contact me.

You could edit the page via an ssh connection.

Je viens d’installer wordpress sur mon instance Yunohost et j’aimerai y faire fonctionner Jappixmini sachant que j’ai déjà Jappix d’installé à côté …

C’est possible ? Si oui comment ? Merci