Jappix app is deprecated


Jappix is no more maintained since a while.
Apps team decided to moved it to community list.
There will be no more web XMPP client on official list.
This must encourage Apps team to push Movim app to official list.


@Moul is the metronome package will be remove from YunoHost ?
Because this package had to be mark hold when you update && upgrade on Raspberry Pi.

apt-mark hold metronome


Ah, strange. I never encounter this issue.
Currently, metronome package is still set as dependency on debian package.

Hi @Moul ,

I’ve done on Raspberry Pi 3 :

apt-mark unhold metronome
apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade && apt-get autoclean && apt-get autoremove

and i haven’t report any error with YunoHost v2.5.6.


@Moul how about supporting Matrix officially in Yunohost in addition to XMPP? The Matrix Riot web client is very well maintained :).

I don’t know a lot about Matrix.
I let people with knowledge about it decide what to do.

matrix is great and should definitely be considered. There is a Riot (client used to access Matrix servers) package made for Yunohost here: https://github.com/Josue-T/riot_ynh

I have both Movim and Synapse+Riot installed.
I understand the value and the enthusiasm around Matrix, but you can’t just call for a migration and let it go.

XMPP has been the baseline IM tool for a while, that means it comes with a legacy:
What happens to:
-users network (contacts)
-users conf room
-users microblogs made with Movim/SĂ T

You can propose to ADD synapse and riot in the official app list, but you can’t just replace XMPP, so an alternative to Jappix has to be identified. In this case, adding synapse and riot as official app should be another topic.


Supporting Movim as an official app is great indeed, but as you said @matlag XMPP is still widely used (in our communities), including Yunohost’s team, so a client should be included, at least as a legacy.

Movim itself could be that client. Not because it can do microblogging does it mean it is not also a good IM client.
At least it looks like a robust choice in terms of lifetime.
I would vote for it because:
1.It is already packaged
2.It does the job
But to make that call final, I would like to read a kind of commitment from the packager.

Edit: Reading myself back, that sounds weird, so to clarify: i do not assume the decision is mine to take. I’m a simple user, and this is just a suggestion.

Movim is the logical continuation :

  • Similar goal (xmpp web client, social and blog platform)

  • Works with metronome

  • Jappix accounts have been moved to movim

But to make that call final, I would like to read a kind of commitment from the packager.

I’m still maintaining the package and I often get help from edhelas (Movim) and the Yunohost team. But I admit there are bugs that need to be reproduced / fixed before pushing Movim as the official client and a better integration with SSOWat would be great.

Hello @src386, the package https://github.com/movim/movim_ynh is outdated according to its rating. Are you still maintaining the package and do you plan on working on it?

I would like to replace Jappix

Thanks for your work !

On a new installation of Yunohost (version 3.0), it doesn’t work well since there is a failure that occurs everytime “Movim is currently working in degraded mode”.

I checked the source code of the package and it needs to be updated as there are issues with it. So the errors you have are “not a surprise”
Movim seems to be “complicated” to package from what I see and understand

I don’t think, it is an issue’ of payment. It must be due to an issue if missing packages… Question: which ones ?

When I say “package”, I mean the Yunohost magic and bash scripts to provide the application Movim. Maybe, some “debian packages” are missing too but the “Movim Yunohost package” itself should be updated as there are errors in it : All the magic needs to be enhanced and polished :slightly_smiling_face:

Movim is not listed there in the “xmpp web clients” https://github.com/Kickball/awesome-selfhosted#xmpp-web-clients

Maybe one of these clients should be a better choice than Movim ? (I don’t have any opinion on this)

On that page, it is listed under Social Network.

I use Movim regularly on my Yunohost instance. Degraded mode is about some advanced social networking features Movim has that require themselves features from the server.
So if it does not detect them, it runs in “degraded” mode (I don’t have a list of unavailable features).

Movim is a great client but its package certainly need some more love. I don’t thing the current maintainer has so much time for it.