Issues with email reception due to


The blacklist used in YunoHost had a failure yesterday at least between 11:00 UTC and 18:00 UTC.

Some info mention that they forgot to renew their domain (see Countless emails wrongly blocked as spam after Cisco's SpamCop failed to renew domain name at the weekend • The Register )

At least 4 instances were impacted yesterday and didn’t received email yesterday. Probably all yunohost servers are affected.

To check this issues on your side, you can run:

grep "blocked using" /var/log/mail.log

Today, seems to have recovered its domain.


Note: due to cache dns, it could be possible the problem still occurs on your server. You can try to do this to clear this cache:

systemctl restart dnsmasq
systemctl restart unscd
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Hello @ljf,

I suppose we need to restart unscd in place of nscd service.

Ok, I have seen this issue… But for the second command, it returns Unit nscd.service not found ?
I just seen it must be unscd, thanks

It works for me, nice ! I have also see a blacklist with SPFBL which is resolve with this method :wink:

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