Issues: User administration, check password compatibility between applications

Hi everyone,

I guess it would have been better to report this issue on Yunohost’s github page, but I don’t have an account on this platform and I don’t want to create one. So I wrote the report here, feel free to copy this issue in the Yunohost github page.

So the issue is that each application installed on a Yunohost server does not have the same constraints for password. So if my password is : “QD.!Ss«â&2²¹¹ˇé{ù^./°0S%W”, it will be accepted by the Yunohost admin interface for configuring a user password, but actually, the password won’t be accepted by all applications, as it contains characters that (for instance, I think this password will not work for Jupyterlab).

I guess one “easy” solution would be to find out the minimal common denominator for a password between application. The best solution would be to report this issue to each app so that they would implement a proper password management policy (like accepting original characters).

ps: noticed when trying to post this, another issue is that the language: English Uk is not really recognized as a valid language, and only English US can be selected for creating a topic…

Copied to GitHub: User password compatibility between YunoHost and applications · Issue #2098 · YunoHost/issues · GitHub