ISP Interruption of Service

Hi Everyone,
I am running Yunohost on a RaspberryPi 64bit image, haven’t upgraded to Bullseye yet.

I am in the process of changing ISP and there has been a mess up. This mess up means my current sercive has been disconnected and I won’t have fixed broadband until the 11th. I’ve managed to connect my Yunohost server to a 5G hotspot I’ve made with my iphone. However it’s not configuarable in any way for port forwarding. I can find the server on the local hotspot network and I’ve got it’s local IP.

I’m wondering if there are any ways to keep my server online? In terms of equipment at home. I have another Rpi4, an iPhone, and an old mac laptop running Ubuntu. Without port forwarding can I point my domain to the hotspot network?

I’m really a bit lost about it all. Though it is only short term so, I can wait if needs be.

Thanks for any help/advice in advance :slight_smile:

It can be made with the app vpnclient and specific VPN dedicated to self hosting (so with a public dedicated IP, all port forwarded…).

Or you can setup your server into a friend/parent’s home OR inside a datacenter (housing) but it’s often expensive and difficult to find.

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Thank you, that’s very helpful! I was a bit confused as my VPN defines its port fowarding service differently and it would not be useful.