Is a suitable candiate for incusion in yunohost?

I’ve been looking at, and it would be nice to see it included in Yunohost. How difficult would this be?

Yes it’s a suitable candidate (any self-hostable free-software app is I guess ?) and packagers are kind of used to package npm/nodejs-based apps

But Yunohost packaging does not work under the model of “I would like app X to be packaged for Yunohost, can you package it for me ?” … Apps packagers/maintainers are volunteers so it’s more of a question of “are you able/willing to learn how to package an app” oooor “is somebody familiar with yunohost packaging willing to package/maintain the app”

Thanks for the reply Aleks, I certainly was not expecting it just to happen. I was looking for confirmation that it was possible. I’m certainly willing to try to understand packaging, I’ll look through the documentation and see how far I get.

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Cool ! Don’t hesitate to join the app packaging chatroom and ask questions to the packager folkds if you need - there’s might be a whole bunch of small details to get familiar to and asking us can save you a bunch of hours scratching your head :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: