Is there any logbook app?

the search dont work well because the word “log” is so often posted

is there any app that allow to keep log of user activity


<automated time+ date> i phoned XYZ for 10 min about blabla
<automated time+ date> drafted contract for bla bla bla

Hey @Ioan, if you have an app in mind, you can also quickly search via the “Find a repository …” search bar in the apps organisation dashboard on Github. See:

YunoHost-Apps · GitHub

If we don’t have it, you could consider adding it to the wishlist (see a PR that is also changing that file Wishlist clean by Plumf · Pull Request #1095 · YunoHost/doc · GitHub).

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Is it what your looking for this

It could be also a kind of diary or agenda to be in contact with friends and family…

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the journal feature could work, thx

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