Is there a workaround for adding an existing system user to Yunohost?

My YunoHost server

Hardware: Free VPS from Azure! (for a year at least)
YunoHost version: 4.1.6
I have access to my server : Through SSH & through the webadmin
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : Maybe? Probably not.
If yes, please explain:
I’m using a custom domain.
I also had my own nginx config and a miniflux server running before booting both and installing yunohost instead. Not really relevant for this question though.

Description of my issue

Hey folks,

Quick question. I just installed Yunohost today! And unfortunately, I already used my first name as system user on my VPS. Now however I would very much enjoy having my first name as a Yunohost user as well, in particular to get myFirstName@my.Domain as an email address. but unfortunately Yunohost isn’t particularly happy about that, as in Username already exists in the list of system users.

Is there a good workaround for this? Can I manually add my system user to the yunohost db and/or add my user to a system group for yunohost or something?

Or would it be easiest to just nuke and reinstall the VPS? Not like there’s much on it at the moment.

Also I’m quite impressed by the quality of the software and the UX, that’s some mighty fine work by contributors.

Uuuuh what about just deleting the existing system user and recreating it in Yunohost ?

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Could do, but it’s the only one on the system, the VPS doesn’t have a root user, it’s just the one with my first name with sudo privileges. I wonder though if I could indeed just create a new one, copy the home directory with its ssh keys over, delete the old user, give the new user the old user’s UID and then ssh into the new user. Is that a good idea?

Uuuuh I’m pretty sure you do have a “root” user because every Linux system has (or you are in big trouble)

Also if you already postinstalled the system there’s also a user named “admin”

(both of these doesn’t show up in the yunohost user list because they ain’t “regular” yunohost user but they do exist. Note that c.f. the documentation, if you want to connect on SSH, you should use admin instead of root)

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Yeah fair point, root login is disabled in favour of a sudoers user though :grinning:

Excellent, I SSHd into admin and deleted the user that had my first name! :grinning: I had expected that would break things, but it doesn’t appear so.

Thanks a ton for the help!

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