Is There a Way For Me to Make My Pixelfed Timeline Publicly Viewable

My YunoHost server

Hardware: Linode VPS
YunoHost version: (stable)
I have access to my server : I can access my server through ssh (as well as Linode’s lish) and through Yunohost’s web interface.
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no

Description of my issue

I’d like to send people – even people without any Fediverse logins – to my site’s public timeline and have them view my public posts; instead, all they get is a login screen.

I think this happens because I misinterpreted a question in YunoHost’s setup process. I wasn’t planning to HOST any other accounts so I said I didn’t want the site to be public (or something like that). All I wanted to do is turn off registrations but I think I turned off the ability to view my timeline.

Since I have some ability to function on the command line I’m hoping that there is a way to ssh in and change some configurations so as to allow everyone to view my timeline. Otherwise I suppose I will have to uninstall Pixelfed, reinstall (taking care to answer all questions correctly) and repost all my existing posts (with, I’m guessing, incorrect timestamps).

I don’t think you can share a public timeline, but I think I saw recently that it was a planned feature… but can’t find out where that piece of news was published (Mastodon Pixelfed or dansup account maybe ?)

That points out that this “public” settings isn’t that clear…

We can reach Pixelfed login page on your instance. We are not redirected to Yunohost SSO login page.
Hence your Pixelfed instance is publicly available, you didn’t make it private (concerning Yunohost SSO, you still need an account for Pixelfed).

I think I’m missing something. How is this done?
I am not logged into this instance so, as far as is concerned, I’m a member of the public. Yet dansup manages to present a page to me with clickable photos, each linked to the original post.
I’d like to give members of the public a link they could visit and, without being required to login, view all my posts’ main photos, with the ability to click and read the entire post.
I’m thinking it must be possible, somehow, given that dansup seems to be doing it…

Wait, you mean you want to see a particular account profile, not the public TL of your instance (such as the one you linked) ?
And that does not work ? Because it should, that is just the default behavior.

It seems I’ve gotten old and sloppy.

Since I set up a single-user instance I failed to distinguish between the public’s ability to view a collective public timeline (which isn’t currently possible) from the public viewing a personal timeline (which is). While I am certainly interested in seeing the former happen (in case I decide to open up my instance to other users) it isn’t of concern immediately.

Now that I’m clear on the distinction I will be sure I’m asking people what they see when they click on my personal timeline… and I’m guessing they will see what I want them to see.

Thanks for your patience…

…and I’ll start calling it a “profile” to avoid confusion in the future.

I used to be sharper than this, I promise…

Are you sure about it ?
A personal timeline : you mean the content of the people you follow (as well as yours), or some account pictures gallery¹ ?

¹ that’s not the profile/account page, not commonly referred as someone’s timeline. What is called the personal timeline is the one you seen when you go to (once connected).

And I can confirm we can see your profile page while not being logged in :slight_smile:
(Problem solved ?)

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