Is their any ShareX apps on Yunohost?

I was wondering if their is any ShareX app on Yunohost, both official and or unofficial will do, as long as they are maintained of course.

Hello, and welcome.

We have a nice catalog page in our documentation. Use it: Application catalog | Yunohost Documentation
Answer is no, we have no ShareX-related app in store yet, but we have plenty to share any type of files.

We have two alternative apps in the wishlist: Apps wishlist | Yunohost Documentation (ass and XBackBone).

Hm ok, hope to see ass and XBackBone come to yunohost soon, as that would be a game changer.

XBackBone came to YunoHost… but is not fully working yet. (sub.domain install not working) but it’s ready to debug and PR are welcome :innocent:

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Ok sweat! I’ll give it a test run.
Hope sub domains are a top priority as I know many people don’t like having their stuff on their main domain.

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