Is my use of yunohost suitable?

Hello, I come to you because I have a vps and I installed on it a website and a subdomain which is a nextcloud instance.

The two sites are intended to federate several associations between them, so I want to be able to make them collaborate with each other via the nextcloud, a chat xmpp seems essential! (for reasons of power I think disable the possibility of video calls, I tell you in case this information seems relevant to you) but my vps does not have much ram (2go) so I want to limit the calls that I think will be very resource intensive and the vps may not support it.

But I read on your site that for a configuration like this one it would be necessary (if I understood well) that each user has its own vps, which is of course not possible.

Hence my question, do you think that the use of yunohost is suitable in this case? I hope that it will be the case because I confess that I have a little trouble with the configuration of the xmpp chat of nextcloud … But if it’s not the case, I’ll try to get my hands dirty and try to manage as I can.

Thanks in advance to all,

XMPP is built in Yunohost (You can install a web interface if you want) and NextCloud is (I think) one of the most used apps here.
So everything should work great.
You will not need several VPS, your limitations will be the power and ram on your server.

Oh and I think that NextCloud’s chat is not the same thing as the YunoHost’s XMPP server, bit as I do not use it, I am not 100% sure.

Many YunoHost’s application can be installed several times, you can check this in the catalog (if you need 2 NextClouds on 2 domains or paths, it is easy to do)

Thank you for your reply

No I only need one Nextcloud but I can’t “manually” configure everything the Nextcloud xmpp chat needs to work, and if I understand correctly it’s easier to do it via yunohost because it automates a lot of steps which are the same ones I’m currently having problems with

On the other hand I did not understand what you were saying? Xmpp being integrated to yunohost as you say is that it means that I will only have to install the xmpp chat application of nextcloud for yunohost to configure everything alone (including the configuration of the TURN server etc …)

I think @Mamie was talking about nextcloud talk, a messenger like with video call.
Nextcloud xmpp chat should work since metronome is installed by default on yunohost. I’ve never tested it.
You can install converse, an xmpp client, you’ll find it in the yunohost catalogue