Is it possible to use Yunohost without the email server

No server installed yet but seriously wanting to do this self hosting thing with a passion!

Hardware: Is going to be an old Dell Optiplex 330

The only thing holding me back currently is that my ISP blocks port 25 unless Im a business class customer. Which is not affordable. If Im going to spend that much to “upgrade” and still get basically the same speed it would be cheaper to get a vps which kind of defeats the purpose of “self hosting” in my book.
So is it absolutely required to use the email server to use yunohost if I’m doing all the admin stuff on the lan or physically at the machine? The only stuff I want to mess with outside the network is the web server, nextcloud, peertube, wordpress and mumble.
Only users would be a total of 4 including me.

Also if I do have to go with a VPS what are some recommended ones?
Does anybody have an experience with places like

No you don’t have to use the mail server, so it’s okay to install yunohost even if port 25 is blocked (meaning, mail stack won’t work but that’s not such an issue)

About VPS : I usually use scaleway VPS, though they recently changed their products … but still they provide a 2GB RAM + 2 CPU VPS for 3€/month

Thank you Aleks! I went ahead hit the install going.

Scaleway sounds nice for that price. I’ll check them out!

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