Is it possible to upgrade without backup?


This is more of an usage/howto question. I want to upgrade some apps like nextcloud and funkwhale, but I have a huge amount of data that cannot be backup inside my system. Is there anyway to do a backup without the data, just settings and such? Or even upgrade without backup?

I looked up both in gui and cli tools and couldn’t find such options.

Thanks! This forum has always been very helpful.

My YunoHost server Hardware: Raspberry Pi at home

YunoHost version: (stable)
I have access to my server : Through SSH
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no

Upgrade doesn’t backup “big” data of apps like nextcloud. Typically, the directory /home/ is not backuped during upgrade.

Do you mean you have not enough space for just backup the database ?

Could you give information about your error message and logs and how many space/free space you have on your current system

I’m sorry, I just assumed it would backup the “big data” and was afraid to start. I’m running the upgrade now and will publish the results when it’s done.

So, nextcloud upgraded fine, but not funkwhale. Here is the log:

In the last line, the script tries to rsync funkwhale’s media directory with an internal yunohost funkwhale directory.

rsync -a /var/www/funkwhale/media/ /home/

That is not possible in my system, as the /var/www/funkwhale/media/ folder is a symlink to a folder in my external hardrive with about 250Gb of songs. The home directory /home/ has only 29Gb available.

I suggest you to use mount --bind instead of symlink.

Am looking for the same option. Invidious has a bug that when it backups up it takes some 100GB of storage. At one point took 1TB. Nuts. Crazy. So I need to delete invidious and install it again in order to upgrade. There is no other way.

@ljf I’m not too familiar with mount --bind. My understanding is that is makes the partition folder transparent to the system, but I’ll still have 2 different partitions with not enough space in the /home, Am I right?

And like @Tio says, it does not make sense to backup so much data just for an upgrade. It would take hours.

Does it make sense to open an issue? On GitHub - YunoHost/issues: General issue tracker for the YunoHost project ??

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