Is it possible to run IPFS?

Would there be any foreseen problems running an IPFS node on the same machine as Yunohost?

It might on a deeper level than I’m aware of, but in general, I’d say it compares to having a VPN running on Yunohost.

IPFS would put load on the system for relaying or storing data, but I have no experience with the amount of load. I guess you can assign limits to both storage and network traffic.

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Thank you. Right now I dont have anything running on it since I’ve moved on to another machine.
I was just looking for some way to justify keeping this old laptop around without having to install something else.
It’s an old beater that the keyboard, touchpad, wifi chip have all died long ago. The screen is so dim you can hardly see it with the lights on. But the drive and fan keeps spinning and the os stays up to date. So I’m stretching for a reason to keep it on.