Is DynDNS working for you?

There seems to be an ongoing issue with dyndns not updating IP addresses leading to servers not being able to be reached. According to several people (including me), yunohost’s dyndns implementation is, at best, intermittently working and according to at least one downdetector type service yunohost’s dnydns service has been offline for the last week.

I personally cannot update my servers IP using yunohost dyndns update --force as it just times out.

So my question is - is there anybody who currently can get their IP updated? If so, clearly there’s an error on mine (and others) set up. If not, this is an issue that needs addressing.

Hello @leraje !

I am attempting to set up DynDNS now. Here are details of my current process.

I am using this service:

So far I can find two options for setting up my DynDNS locally:

  • via Fritzbox (modem+router)
  • via Yunohost (running on a virtual machine inside the local network)
    I’m new to server side business, so I’m not sure if this is common or not, but the Fritzbox contains an option to enter DynDNS credentials.

Thanks to your post, I’m going to try the fritzbox way first. Hopefully it’s more robust! :crossed_fingers: