Ipv6 doesn't work


Hey !
I want to use ipv6 for my server and I can’t !

I have a VPS at OVH and I have an ipv6.
OVH give me two address :

  • “IPv6” : 2001:41d0:404:200::22b1
  • “Gateway” : 2001:41d0:404:200::1

On my Yunohost’s admin panel, I see : fe80::f816:3eff:fe8e:6ca6 (which is an loopback address)

And in CLI I have :
with ‘‘ip addr’’ : my loopback
with ‘‘hostname -I’’ : only my IPv4

Could you help me ?

May be this doc from ovh could help you:

In case instructions are different, here is the one for VPS.

Ok, OVH’s doc say to configure the ‘’/etc/network/interfaces’’ :
iface eth0 inet6 static
address YOUR_IPV6
netmask IPV6_PREFIX
post-up /sbin/ip -6 route add IPV6_GATEWAY dev eth0
post-up /sbin/ip -6 route add default via IPV6_GATEWAY dev eth0
pre-down /sbin/ip -6 route del default via IPV6_GATEWAY dev eth0
pre-down /sbin/ip -6 route del IPV6_GATEWAY dev eth0

But in my OVH panel I don’t have IPV6_PREFIX…

Ok, I have succedeed !

I had write ‘‘ens4’’ on my file ‘‘interfaces’’ when I should have write ‘‘ens3’’…

So, my ipv4 is ‘‘ens4’’ and my ipv6 is ‘‘ens3’’ :thinking:

What about doing a tutorial configuration in Yunohost documentation ? I can do it :slight_smile:

You can maybe for OVH, but naively I would think this heavily depends on your ISP / hosting provider…

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