Iptables-persistent installation removes yunohost and yunohost-admin

Hi Team, Community,

I set up a yunohost on my debian based kimsufi server some month ago, it worked well and I wanted to install iptables-persistent in order to save a nat rule i created this morning.

I replied “yes” too fast and then saw that yunohost yunohost-admin were removed:fearful::disappointed_relieved:.
Since that, my yunohost admin page does not reply.
However the rest of the services works ( webmail,nextcloud, login page ok)

(find the log of the removal and installation here : https://paste.yunohost.org/otowetuvox.pl)

I installed the two packages again (it trashed iptables-persistent)
The system still works , but i am afraid some files has been trashed according to the last log.

If i access the admin page it tells me i completed the installation and ask me to pursue two last steps.
However i am afraid continuing would make the other services stop and would like to avoid that (at least right now).

My last backup is from sunday.

Can you help? What would happen if I confirm the post install?

Thanks !

I think just running touch /etc/yunohost/installed might be enough :wink:

It did the trick!
Thanks a lot for your help!!!