Ipmi-sensors:1641 error, wait what?[solved]

i am getting this error, if i copied this correctly is

ipmi-sensors:1641 map pfn expected mapping type uncached-minus for [mem 0x7ffe2000-0x7ffe2fff ], got write-back

  • i got this error since the last update
  • this ynh install is on a VM using qemu
  • google return results about this from 2014

since i could not find anything recent i posted here maybe someone got some ideas

edit: fuck UEFI

Use and fill in the support template you blatantly ignored.

Oh I misread. You somehow found a solution but are not willing to share it? :slight_smile:

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there is no real solution unless u consider a solution, the migration of the VM to UEFI mode from bios

edit: let me expand on this
1 netdata needs this
2 removing netdata can be also a way to remove the error

if u are willing to migrate from bios to uefi u need to
1 convert mbr → gpt
2 create efi partition
3 in qemu import into a new vm that has efi mode
4 reinstall grub on efi

also fuck uefi

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