IP address requested when installing, configuring network

Hello :slight_smile: I have an old Lenovo ThinkCentre M720q with no OS installed. I am installing Yunohost on it using the graphical install method (the ‘old computer’/VirtualBox .iso file), and when it reaches the ‘configuring the network’ step, it shows me this screen:

Which IP address is it asking for? I am using an ethernet cable linked to the router and have never been asked for this in previous attempts at using Yunohost (on a RPi).

Following on from this, I invented a local IP address (beginning 192.168…) and that let me continue with the installation.

I am now having trouble with “bad mirrors” when the installer tries to update apt. I suspect my server cannot connect to the internet, despite being able to set the system clock by referring to a time server. A separate issue for a different thread.

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