Server has no local IP address, does not appear in LAN list in router

Debian used not to include WiFi firmware in their installer, offering to add it during install via an USB stick or other removable media.

I remember a while back the installer started to come with the somewhat free-ish distributable firmwares included.

I guess the Lenovo machine has an Intel card built in. The firmwares themselves are in the non-free repository though, and without having non-free enabled, the firmware that was available in the installation session, is not installed by default.

With Yunohost running on Free software, non-free is not enabled by default. Hardly anyone would notice, as people are not encouraged to run their servers on a wireless connection. Yes, it works, but it also complicates troubleshooting (as evident in this thread :stuck_out_tongue: )

  • My first suggestion would be to check whether a firmware has (quietly) been installed, and whether your Linux asks about a firmware during boot:
$ dmesg | grep irmware

(My grepping is limited, and I’m not sure whether it’ll list Firmware or firmware)

  • secondly, in case the firmware is indeed missing, check whether the non-free repository is enabled:
$ cat /etc/apt/sources.list |grep non
  • thirdly, in addition to cocoyuno’s suggestions or even before that: connect the machine via ethernet cable to verify that networking comes up in the first place. I can’t imagine it does not, but it is an easy way to verify that not the whole network stack got corrupted.

Good luck!

edit: is this the same machine / continuation of your post IP address requested when installing, configuring network yesterday, where you did not get an IP during install?

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